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Teeth whitening


Who among us does not dream of a beautiful snow-white smile? Probably everyone would like to have one. That is why the FRANIDENT dental surgery is equipped with a modern lamp designed specifically for teeth whitening. It needs to be emphasized that before the teeth whitening procedure they must be well cured and free of carious lesions and cleaned of deposits (scaling and sandblasting). Only under these conditions the procedure will be painless. Our surgery also offers you the possibility of making individual overlays for teeth whitening, so that you can do the whitening treatment yourself at home, but with a lower concentration of the preparation. Overlay whitening is also recommended as a supplementary option to be performed six months after the lamp whitening in the office.

We encourage you to check our offer and to make appointments at the following numbers:

507 087 531 or 511 120 017


Recommendations BEFORE teeth whitening:


1. Before teeth whitening, all carious lesions should be cured, possibly protected with temporary material, if they are visible and after bleaching, they may need to be adapted to the new shade of teeth;;
2. The treatment of teeth cleaning (scaling and sandblasting) is best done the day before the planned whitening treatment. If you do not have a problem with bleeding gums (which sometimes happens after the professional treatment of teeth), it is permissible to perform treatments on the same day.


Recommendations AFTER teeth whitening:


1. After the teeth whitening procedure, use so-called WHITE DIET for 2 weeks;
2. DO NOT consume strong colouring products, such as: red beets, blueberries, blackberries, red wine, soy sauce, curry;
3. DO NOT smoke cigarettes;
4. Teeth should be brushed twice a day, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use whitening toothpaste.

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