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Dental surgery

We provide services in the field of dental surgery in the dental surgery FRANIDENT:

- Extractions (removal) of teeth;
- Removal of teeth retained by filing (including teeth of wisdom);
- Tooth root resections;
- Hemisections of the roots of the tooth;
- Plastic surgery (undercutting) of the frenulum;
- The excision of the gum hood;
- Treatment of dry dental alveolus;
- Oroantral communication
- Abscess incision
      Thanks to our experience, we are able to quickly and effectively free you from toothache. In addition, the FRANIDENT dental surgery has the latest generation of Kauter, thanks to which the frenectomy procedures and gingival hood removal do not have to be associated with heavy bleeding. Kauter is used as a substitute for the scalpel and causes immediate coagulation (protein trimming, reduction of bleeding from the resulting wound). Thanks to it, surgery can be carried out non-invasively and quickly, and what's more, it allows you to avoid oozing wounds and suturing.
All interested are invited to make appointments in our office!
We are available at telephone numbers:  507 087 531  or  511 120 017. 

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Recommendations BEFORE removing the tooth:

1. 2 hours before the tooth removal procedure, eat the meal and then top up the sugar level by eating something sweet to reduce the likelihood of fainting;

2. For women- a surgical appointment should not be scheduled during the menstrual cycle;

3. Take all prescribed by a general practitioner or specialist medications, and in the case of people already taking medications that may affect the condition after tooth extraction, change or temporarily discontinue the medicine consulting it with a specialist;

4. The dentist should be informed about all medications that patient is taking;

5. In case of people with hypertension it is necessary to provide the last value of the pressure being measured;

6. In the case of deflection in morphology, it is needed to inform the dentist about this fact before proceeding to tooth extraction.


Recommendations After removing the tooth:


1. Tampon placed after removing the tooth must stay at least for 10 minutes;

2. Within two hours after removing the tooth, DO NOT consume meals, and after this time, only consume cold and semi-liquid foods;

3. If your dentist prescribes an antibiotic, you MUST take it as directed;

4. If necessary, you can take an analgesic: Ibuprom, Paracetamol;

5. Externally, a hydrogel dressing or cold compresses should be used (NOTE: Be careful not to thaw the skin);

6. For 3 days, DO NOT rinse the mouth with any liquids (rinses, herbs);

7. DO NOT smoke or consume alcohol within the next 24 hours;

8. For a follow-up visit, please report after 7-10 days after the surgery, the doctor will remove the sutures (if they do not dissolve themselves) and make cleaning for the post-extraction wound;

9. In case of severe pain, prolonged bleeding or fever, please contact our surgery;

10. It is recommended to rest and not to make much effort.

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