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Can deciduous  and permanent teeth grow back?

People only have two sets of teeth: deciduous and permanent. Tooth loss is irreversible, and only available dental or surgical procedures such as implantology, they allow you to "regain" your lost teeth, but it's worth emphasizing that medicine is now intensively investigates the processes occurring in animals, so as to use stem cells what man has to stimulate the growth of new teeth. Many animals have teeth that they grow back even several times, so researchers do not doubt that cell recognition responsible for the growth of teeth in humans will achieve success in this field. For instance, alligators’ teeth grow back up to 50 times in their lives. Therefore laboratory tests allow us to believe that the teeth restoration for human beings is only a matter of time.

Is caries a global problem?

According to research carried out in 2010 (Journal of Dental Research) caries disease currently affect almost 4 billion people in the world. Caries is therefore a disease that covers more than half of the world's population, every second a person suffering from this disease! Caries has been recognized as disability also because untreated can cause a heart attack. The research also shows that nowadays there are less problems with tooth loss and definitely more periodontal diseases. It should be recognized that dentistry is gaining more and more importance in the world.

Is caries a contagious disease?

Yes, caries is an infectious disease. That is why it is particularly important to care not only for the hygiene of your oral cavity, but also for your partner or your child. "Kisses" lead to the transfer of bacterial flora and the same caries. Care for infants and young children is particularly important. Infection of deciduous teeth through kisses from parents, grandparents and other close relatives can from the earliest age generate problems with teeth.

Does the nutritional diet influence the condition of our teeth?

Yes, the modern diet affects the condition of the bacterial flora, and thus our teeth. Researchers show that bacteria that dominate in the oral cavity, maintain the mouth in permanent inflammation, or even disease. It's mainly sugar and wheat being the basic components of the diet which are responsible for the formation of caries. Our ancestors had a much more beneficial bacterial flora. It has been the agricultural and industrial era that caused changes in the nutrition by intensifying the formation of chronic oral diseases.

Can teeth be washed immediately after drinking fruit juice or carbonated drink?

No, you cannot. Both healthy fruit juices and popular carbonated beverages (for instance cola) lead to enamel erosion. That's why after consuming you have to wait at least half an hour to avoid deepening enamel damage by brushing. However, a straw can come to the rescue! When drinking juices and drinks through a straw, we limit their negative impact on the condition of our teeth. 

Is it worth treating deciduous teeth in children?


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