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Prosthetic treatment concerns supplementing the lack of individual teeth or the lack of more teeth with restorations. Depending on the type of deficiencies, movable or permanent restorations can be used. Mobile restorations include cast partials and full dentures: complete and partial. Permanent restorations include crowns and bridges. We provide the following restorations for you in the dental surgery FRANIDENT:


  • full ceramic
  • zirconium
  • metal-porcelain
  • acrylic


  • on the zirconium substructure
  • on a metal foundation
  • AET bridges


  • composite

Inlays and Onlays:

  • porcelain
  • composite


  • Single
  • Complex


  • Cast partial
  • Acrylic (complete and partial)


Smile is a very important element of our everyday life. We are all aware of the fact that a beautiful natural smile facilitates establishing contacts between people, sometimes helps in getting a dream job. That's why in the FRANIKENT's dental surgery we will take care of your smile professionally, so that you can go through your life with success.

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