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Pediatric dentistry


Pediatric dentistry is dedicated to the youngest patients. Treatment of deciduous teeth is not easy. Our children are not always happy to sit on the chair. This visit is often accompanied by fear, which is frequently caused just by the apron, enhanced by all the medical equipment. However, conversation with the child, proper preparation for the visit not only of the child, but also of the parents, make the treatments performed in the surgery become pleasant over time. Each of us was once a child. We probably remember from this period more or less stressful moments related to a visit to the dentist. However, to meet the expectations of our younger and older patients, the FRANIDENT dental surgery is adapted to receive children. We have an educational corner prepared especially for the youngest kids, colourful fillings and diplomas for the bravest ones.

     We are constantly expanding our knowledge on specialist courses and we try to make sure that the visits are in a nice and calm atmosphere and that they do not last too long. In our office, we also place emphasis on the use of prophylactic treatments in children, such as sealing, fluoridisation, varnishing and regular dental check-ups. This is very important for a small, fast developing and curious of the world child, because each visit is a chance that in the future such an adult person will not avoid visits to the dentist. If of course they will be necessary.

We encourage you to arrange visits with your children at phone numbers:

507 087 531 or 511 120 017.

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